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Flower dominates the cannabis market, but sales of concentrates, edibles and topicals are seeing impressive growth and quickly catching up. For the cannabis industry, supercritical fluid extraction is a new and advanced separation technology in the modern era. It refers to a process during which solute diffuses in solvent when solvent and raw material are in full contact in extractor under high pressure and proper temperature. Then the solute will be separated from the solvent in separator by changing operating conditions. Extracting with CO2 gives the ability to separate individual compounds as the extraction is taking place. This also requires a system that will allow for stable temperature and pressure changes during a cycle. The main benefit of SCO2 is that it enables the extraction of more total cannabinoids along with other plant components like fats and waxes.

CGI PLC is researching cannabis across agricultural, industrial, pharmaceutical and product development lines. From rigorous scientific research and collaboration, to testing and development, the team have identified several projects that we believe can be revolutionary. The company will focus on advanced bio-chemical processes to obtain standardised results from the processing of cannabis into medicinal compounds and high-end consumables. This will provide incredible commercial opportunities, while firmly being ethical in their development. The results should yield patentable technologies that we can be sold to the industry and the wider world. All Research & Development will ultimately be initiated only if it is deemed by management to have a good likelihood of generating a commercial value that is materially in excess of the cost of financing the R&D.

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We are designing a state of the art facility in Lesotho based upon GMP principals. When it’s finally operational, it will have HEPA filtration, pressurisation, dehumidification, temperature control as well as process flow controls. Crude Extract is considered as pharmaceutical API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient), and as such is processed in the facility into a number of dosage forms and formats, according to standard GMP guidelines. All final products undergo full lot release for parts per billion (ppb) threshold testing of insecticides, mycotoxins, active ingredient assay etc. We will be deploying blockchain technology to maintain full provenance of our "seed to sale" strategy. This will also allow us to maintain traceability, from final product back to the genetics used to create the product to include prevention techniques for the control of Mould, Mildew, and Mites.

Lesotho’s regulations require all medical cannabis export shipments to be accompanied by a certificate of analysis (“CoA”) to ensure product safety and confirm cannabinoid profile and potency. We aim for our facility to rival American based ProVerde Labs, which has set up an independent analytical laboratory in Maseru, Lesotho. Like ProVerde, we will be seeking to be accredited such as in accordance with ISOISO/IEC 17025:2005. Local and international customers will have the confidence that medicinal cannabis, sourced from CGI Labs will be free of harmful chemicals, heavy metals, bacterial pathogens and microbiological contaminants. Our Facility is aimed at servicing the medical cannabis industry in Lesotho, as well as the immediate neighbour, South Africa and the wider world.

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CGI PLC is creating a portfolio of cannabis and hemp-related Intellectual Property assets that meet clear commercial needs which offer our shareholders best-in-class returns. CGI’s long term strategy is to be the global leader in the production of medical, recreational cannabinoid extracts, oils, nutraceuticals, and pharmaceuticals with a solid set of highly developed IP assets. These assets will be licensed to companies capable of delivering our revolutionary cannabis based products to the global market place.

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