Prof. Mosotho George Ph.D

Chief Science Officer

I have substantial research experience and technical expertise in chemical extraction and analyses of organic compounds from myriad of matrices: water, plants, soil and food articles. My graduate training was in the area of sample preparation of organic compounds in environmental analytical chemistry. I have supervised numerous projects in environmental analytical chemistry. I was involved in the establishment of the UJ Metabolomics Group that won the 2014 Chromatographer of the Year award under the Chromatography Society of South Africa. Through this, I was involved in many projects where we assessed the effect of different conditions on plant metabolites as a way of developing markers for plant defence mechanisms against any environmental stress. A Founding Director ProVerde Laboratories Lesotho heading the establishment of an analytical laboratory to support the booming medical cannabis in Lesotho. This laboratory has some of the best pieces of equipment in chemistry: UPLC-TQMS, UPLC-PDA, GC-TQS, Headspace GC-MS, ICP-MS, Tempo Microbiological testing machine, and moisture content and water activity analyse. I have assembled a good team of scientists who are competent in chemical analyses requisite of the lab. Membership of Professional Bodies (AAS), (SAARMSTE), (E-SALAMA), (LFL), (SEANAC) (NUSESA), (SAAMS), (SACI) Past and present posting: • Associate Professor: National University of Lesotho (October 2017 – Present) • Senior Research Associate - Department of Biochemistry, University of Johannesburg (July 2018 – Present). • Senior Visiting Research Fellow (May – Oct. 2016), Department of Biochemistry, University of Johannesburg. • Visiting Research Scholar (May – Aug 2015), Department of Chemistry, University of Botswana. Instrumental Scientist/Lecturer – Biochemistry, University of Johannesburg (2008 – 2011) • Senior Lecturer/Lecturer: National University of Lesotho (2015 – Oct. 2017; 2012 - 2015) • Instrumental Scientist/Lecturer – Biochemistry, University of Johannesburg (2008 – 2011) • Laboratory Instructor/Demonstrator – National University of Lesotho (May 1997–Jul 1998, Aug 1999– Jun 2005, Mar – Dec 2007).

CGI PLC is creating a portfolio of cannabis and hemp-related Intellectual Property assets that meet clear commercial needs which offer our shareholders best-in-class returns. CGI’s long term strategy is to be the global leader in the production of medical, recreational cannabinoid extracts, oils, nutraceuticals, and pharmaceuticals with a solid set of highly developed IP assets. These assets will be licensed to companies capable of delivering our revolutionary cannabis based products to the global market place.

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