Our Mission

Our Mission

Canna Global Investments Plc ("CGI PlC") under the guidance of the Lesotho Ministry of Health will develop, own and operate a medicinal cannabis facility with the objective to export the products derived from the facility to the United Kingdom, Canada, USA, Europe and permissible African countries.

With a combination of deep research, development, cultivation through growing and manufacturing, our mission is the advancement of extracting related products. For the sector as a whole, we aim to enhance the community by educating and developing products that are safe, effective and competitively priced for export.

We aim to create, acquire, and to license clearly differentiated IP, brands, technologies and products which will be globally sought after. It is the vision of the company to become amongst the leading commercial cannabis IP and brands company within 5 years, with highly sought after IP asset portfolio. Within that portfolio, we seek to own the IP to the number one brand of cannabis seed in the world.

To lead in the export of sustainable cultivation of cannabis and hemp as well as the production of high-grade hemp ingredients for the pharmaceutical, therapeutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic products into a regulated international market place.

To cultivate and supply some of the most unique range of strains specific to the requirements of our offtake from flower and edibles to medicinal.

Partner with global leading universities for Research & Development to ensure innovation in the processing activities and medicinal product formulation.

To build successful commercial cultivation facilities and vertically intergrated recognisable brands in a rapidly growing industry.

CGI PLC is creating a portfolio of cannabis and hemp-related Intellectual Property assets that meet clear commercial needs which offer our shareholders best-in-class returns. CGI’s long term strategy is to be the global leader in the production of medical, recreational cannabinoid extracts, oils, nutraceuticals, and pharmaceuticals with a solid set of highly developed IP assets. These assets will be licensed to companies capable of delivering our revolutionary cannabis based products to the global market place.

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