Geoffrey Asante

Executive Director

I was born here in the UK but when growing up had the privilege in my teens to school in Ghana. This gave me a unique aspect of life, education, needs that can be fulfilled by the collaborative contrast in Africa and Europe. My focus has thus been the challenge of forging pathways for development through in collaboration from people I met in many journeys throughout Africa, Europe and South America. My boarding school in Ghana instilled a stricter, regimented ethos to my approach in decision, planning and delivery. I believe my executive MBA translated my experiences into greater success as it equipped me with thinking differently and provided me with the tools needed for a C-suite role in any organisation. By training, I am an engineer and cut my teeth in multimedia and music tech with PSL Group before my concerted efforts in the charity sector such as Water Aid, Water to Thrive and Water for Africa. I have been a troubleshooter in the charity space to help with improving infrastructure in developing communities they operate. In all cases, I drove to improve efficiency on Return on Investment (RoI) through measurable productivity and strategic implementation. I like to think I lent in small parts, a hand to facilitating skills for people and empowering their future prospects.

CGI PLC is creating a portfolio of cannabis and hemp-related Intellectual Property assets that meet clear commercial needs which offer our shareholders best-in-class returns. CGI’s long term strategy is to be the global leader in the production of medical, recreational cannabinoid extracts, oils, nutraceuticals, and pharmaceuticals with a solid set of highly developed IP assets. These assets will be licensed to companies capable of delivering our revolutionary cannabis based products to the global market place.

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